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Exploring your local antique shop is a fun and exciting experience. There’s always something interesting at our Furniture Mart & Antiques shop. You’ll be able to find everything from vintage furniture to antique consignment right here in Rapid City.

We want to welcome you to the best antique furniture shop in South Dakota.

Our Antique Furniture and Vintage Items

We’ve been in the antique and vintage furniture business for a while. We’ve developed an eye for the best antique furniture around. When you come into our shop, you’ll be able to find some of the finest examples of vintage furniture in the Rapid City area.

Appraisal, Estate, and Antique Consignment Services

Our vintage and antique shop is about more than just sales. We are a full-service antique and vintage shop that can help you with everything you need. We offer appraisal, estate, and antique consignment services.

Don’t know the value of your antique or vintage items? We’ve been doing appraisals for decades, and we can tell you the real-world price of your items. We know all about different collectible markets as well as vintage and antique trends. When you come in for an appraisal with us, you’ll get an accurate and even price.

Our consignment services are also designed to help you sell your items hassle-free. We’ll take care of all the ins and outs of the sale, and you’ll walk away with a tidy profit.

Our team can also help you with the state services. We’re here to facilitate estate appraisals as well as sales.

Over 40 Years of Dedicated Service

We’ve been working in the world of vintage furniture and antiques for over 40 years. That’s a lifetime of experience helping individuals find these bespoke items that they’re looking for when it comes to decorating their homes. Whether you’re looking for some antique furniture or to sell your vintage items on consignment, we can help you.

Over the years, we’ve learned that working in antiques is about more than just the items themselves. Each item in our shop has its own unique history that connects with the memory and lives of everyone that has cared for it. Let us connect you to that history when you stop into our shop.

Explore Our Antique Shop Today

Are you ready to explore the world of vintage and antique furniture in Rapid City? Come visit us today to check out everything we have on offer, or give us a call with your questions about our consignment and other services.

We provide the best in antiques and furniture to all in Rapid City SD.

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