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At Furniture Mart & Antiques in Rapid City, SD, you’ll find more than just a few odds and ends. We’re a full-service vintage and antiques shop that covers everything from furniture to decor and more!

Our shop specializes in vintage wood furniture, but we’ve got over 40 years in the antique game. This means we can do much more. We buy, sell, and trade antiques while offering unbeatable consignment services and even appraisals and estate services.

Here’s the full breakdown of our full-service antique market.

Oak Wood Table

Vintage Wood Furniture

Are you looking for the best-kept secret in South Dakota’s vintage wood furniture scene? Furniture Mart & Antiques in Rapid City has the rarest pieces, the highest quality, and the best service when it comes to wood furniture.

Our team of antique experts can help you find the piece that is right for you, sell or trade your wood furniture, or just put together a few pieces that will dress up any space!

Unique Antique

Unique Antiques

Have you been searching for unique antiques? Our antique shop has an interesting assortment of antiques that cover everything or from vintage collectibles all the way to hard-to-find pieces of decor in esoterica. Every time you come to our antique shop, you’re sure to find new items as well as great deals.

Stop into our antique shop today and enjoy the experience of exploring our shop.

Antique Dresser

Antique Consignment

Selling your antiques can be quite the challenge. Where a fully insured, licensed, and bonded antique consignment shop. You can trust that our expert appraisers will get the best value for your antiques so you can sell your items without the hassle and with the most profit.

Give us a call today to learn more about selling your vintage and antique items on consignment.

Appraisals and Estate Services

It can be hard to determine the value of your antique and vintage furniture. This is where we come in. We have over four decades of experience with antiques and vintage furniture. We can accurately appraise your items and give you a real-world value that you can expect to get whether you’re taking them to auction or looking to sell them on consignment.

We also offer estate services. Estate sales often come at the crossroads of major life changes, and we’re here to respectfully help you facilitate all of your estate needs. We can help you with estate appraisals, sales, and be there to offer critical support as you handle these assets.

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